Funding feedback and growing an entrepenurial spirit

Scotland, I love you. I want to stay and make Scotland a place I want to live and work in, and others do too.  It needs new perspectives, fresh thinking, aspirational people with ambition.  This cultural diaspora I’m talking about will need nurturing.  Scotland has a long (and proven) history in recent times in lacking …

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50 Word Short

I recently joined the Glad Cafe’s writers group. Since studying I’ve had a fear of creative writing (and other styles) , believing that I wasn’t very good at it. Joining the group has given me the push I needed to write and read in public.  Thanks to all for the useful critique and good feedback …

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Hello world!

Or so the WordPress obligatory blog post opener always begins.  This is a real Hello world message. I started blogging in 2009 when I was still at art school as an attempt to reflect on my practice, share, learn, network and say something of interest.  There were so many reasons, it took me far over …

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