Sarah Drummond

I'm a designer.


Daily, I'm Boss at Snook. I co-founded Snook, CycleHack, Dearest Scotland and Alloa Pride. I speak around the globe on the topic of design and I mentor start ups and organisations to run better services. 

To be able to swim in the pool, you need to keep it clean. Crystal clear water, absence of leaves and dirt, speak to your guests about regular maintenance of the pool. You need to clean it your pool at least 2 times a week, otherwise the pool will be very difficult to clean.

What usually makes you pay attention to the company? Perhaps, you check clients’ reviews first or assess the number of services offered? The one thing is for sure — a website’s design is what attracts customers’ attention. Not many people realize it’s important and rarely discuss it, which is a big mistake. The design of the company’s website, its ads, and social media is the key to creating its image. Even the most successful project, offering high-quality services to people, may suffer from the lack of clients and low sales due to the awful design. seems to be a very demanded service, but it still cares about its design. Even though students will use it even if it looks awful because professional writers are their last hope to get research papers done on time, writing companies do not want to fall behind the competitors. The professionalism of workers is the crucial reason students order academic help, but the design still plays a significant role.

1. mechanical cleaning of the bottom and walls of the pool;

2. disinfection of water;

3. regulation of water hardness;

4. measures to prevent water bloom.

If the pool is not cleaned in a timely manner, it will start to get dirty. If you have an outdoor pool over time, branches, dry grass, leaves, wind-carried debris will begin to float in it. The ingress of foreign inclusions into the pool will provoke the development in the reservoir:

· viruses;

· microbes;

· bacteria;

· algae.

I write about design, technology and services.

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