Seeing Homophobia up close

I’ve never publicly, or explicitly written about LGBT issues and rights online before. I didn’t feel I had a need to until today. I don’t think I’m any different, at least that’s what it feels like in my head – which is a bizarre turn given I spent at least 10 years hiding from my mum, and nearly 19 from …

[email protected]Seeing Homophobia up close
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Better World By Design

I’m off to Better World By Design this year, for the second time in Providence, Rhode Island. I have to say, after my visit two years ago it was one of the best conferences I’ve ever been to.  Not just because it is split between the splendour of Brown University’s Campus and Rhode Island School of Design’s building but the way it …

[email protected]Better World By Design

The Open Politics Project

This site encompasses everything I care about.  Open, democratic, citizen centered and developed policy. Open Politics Project is a project to create a new kind of politics. They are starting by writing a manifesto, but they want everyone to build it together. You can read through a range of manifesto headings from Education to society, democracy to Energy and Housing.  If you …

[email protected]The Open Politics Project

Referendum cafe meets tea and cake

I’ve just come back from “Tea and Cake: A chat about #whatnowscotland” a great session hosted at the Referendum Cafe on it’s last day as democratic hub organised by the energetic Kim Simpson. A splendid effort by the Referendum Cafe’s lead, Lizzie Smith whose determination to bring politics to the pavement never wavered, nor did the support of Katherine Mackinnon in the process. The event had some ground …

[email protected]Referendum cafe meets tea and cake

Dearest Scotland

Dearest Scotland and the world, I am holding back tears as I write this, resuming normal practice on a train to Edinburgh.You have spoken to the rest of the world who’s eyes fell upon you, I believe as a sense of hope.We had an opportunity to take full control of our country without bloodshed or war, this my friends is …

[email protected]Dearest Scotland

Indyref Media Lies

In reference to Daily Mail article here. No Daily Mail – I was just there, it is not how you describe it one little bit. Tempers did not flair, and voters chanted yes across the other side of the road holding up yes signs from no campaigners. There were people of all ages in George square, dancing, smiling and someone …

[email protected]Indyref Media Lies
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Cyclehack comes to Glasgow

Proud to be running Cyclehack alongside Jo Holtan and Matt Lowell .  We are a 48 hour event aimed at coming up with ideas and making them a  reality that will reduce the barriers to cycling. “All three of us are keen cyclists and, while it is really easy to sit back only complain and moan about all the niggly little things that annoy …

[email protected]Cyclehack comes to Glasgow

Does the art school have social value?

This post was written in response to Loki’s video entitled: What makes the Art School more valuable than YOUR school? Loki – I’ve taken to write this because I felt compelled to address a few points made in your video. To begin with, I 100% agree there is a social inequality in our society; a class problem with many issues …

[email protected]Does the art school have social value?

Funding feedback and growing an entrepenurial spirit

Scotland, I love you. I want to stay and make Scotland a place I want to live and work in, and others do too.  It needs new perspectives, fresh thinking, aspirational people with ambition.  This cultural diaspora I’m talking about will need nurturing.  Scotland has a long (and proven) history in recent times in lacking confidence.  I’ve debated on whether …

[email protected]Funding feedback and growing an entrepenurial spirit

50 Word Short

I recently joined the Glad Cafe’s writers group. Since studying I’ve had a fear of creative writing (and other styles) , believing that I wasn’t very good at it. Joining the group has given me the push I needed to write and read in public.  Thanks to all for the useful critique and good feedback on the piece below, inspired …

[email protected]50 Word Short