Dearest Scotland

Dearest Scotland and the world, I am holding back tears as I write this, resuming normal practice on a train to Edinburgh.You have spoken to the rest of the world who’s eyes fell upon you, I believe as a sense of hope.We had an opportunity to take full control of our country without bloodshed or war, this my friends is history. You said, YES for social justice.YES for free access to education.
YES for equality.
YES for better lives.
YES for working together.
YES to humour.
YES to collaboration.
YES to challenge the status quo.
YES to take one almighty risk.

Only 45% of us said that. But I believe the other 55% agreed with most of it too.

We had one chance I think in my lifetime to see a vehicle for change from our tired centralised Westminster government. I think we had a chance to challenge deep rooted cultural and social practices that we have become so used to, and scared of what could replace it.

Fear of the unknown, of the complex, of challenging a system and paradigms is tough, our vote was binary and left us with two options.
Whilst I had doubts along the way in my vote, I did believe that yes would give us that confidence to seek out and design the next future Scotland and invent new forms of governance, political structure, social welfare, currency, education, health models.

We need better devolution from a centralised government across the UK.

Unions of cities, regions and people working together to share ideas, practice and impact. UK – I was never in this to split up from friends and regions, I was in this to be a country that had one chance to breakaway and lead.

Leadership should never be about control, it should be about inspiring and tooling up those who follow to take their future into their hands. I thought Scotland might be the vehicle to lead the world.

Mr Cameron – when you stood up this morning, diplomatic as your ear piece always tells you to be I cried. When you said YOU will publish a new mandate and release it in January, you got it wrong. You got it so wrong.

This is the same top down, centralised, controlled process that will always exist. And from Scotland’s perspective, a government we do not vote for. I do not want to see a privatised NHS, I do not want my children to pay for their education and I certainly do not want Trident in my country.

I want to believe that Scotland will have further devolved powers but it feels like a fag packet sketch done as soon as you finally took note that Scotland may have a rising of people wanting better. This is a severe let down of democracy and left me with no option but to vote yes for a better Scotland.

We have seen outside of the mainstream media leaked conversations, papers, videos of how much a hinderance we are over your day to day feeding of bankers and mainstream media. I pity the fools who cannot see past the distateful lies fed into our media on a daily basis. Straight up lies and uninformed reporting, one thing I have learned during the past 18 months.

Your approach doesn’t cut the mustard over the rich social tapestry of democratic debate and learning I have witnessed and been part of in Scotand over the past 18 months with bodies like RIC, National Collective, Common Weal, Woman for Independance and my own contribution Dearest Scotland.

I have been inspired, full of hope and in awe of the citizens around me who campaigned for a better Scotland. And I mean that for both sides of our vote. I’ve had the opportunity to engage in debate and discourse with friends, family and strangers.

I refuse to believe for one second that this was just about Scotland. It is about social justice and living our lives with comfort, happiness, connections and above all fairness.

The Scottish people, no matter what they voted have shown a deep care for their country and people. Now we must take this renewed political sensitivity and channel it into a pro-active and valued civic society. We must create new media led by people, we have been so badly let down throughout this campaign of misinformed and untruthful content which I have previously written about.

I’m not optimistic about the future in the short term but I believe if we fight with ideas, solutions and hard work we can overcome a system that has deeply let so many people down in the past 40 years. We must overcome binary now, yes or no and work together on channelling this energy into action.

We must move beyond the privelleged majority having power and consider that when everyone is born in this world they should have equal opportunity for their future. I am so sick of seeing this be left to the over-whelming majority of power holders. Money, status and class are ruling and will continue to rule.

Now England, Ireland and Wales, mon the wagon and lets make this better for everyone aye?! We need to do something about this together.

With love and distress and a hope in this time, all of you will write a letter toDearest Scotland to talk about what you want for the future outside of ticking a box.


[email protected]Dearest Scotland

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