Indyref Media Lies

In reference to Daily Mail article here.

No Daily Mail – I was just there, it is not how you describe it one little bit. Tempers did not flair, and voters chanted yes across the other side of the road holding up yes signs from no campaigners. There were people of all ages in George square, dancing, smiling and someone even sharing out a platter of sandwiches.

A No campaigner and his friends were dancing on top of a car and shaking hands with yes voters as they engaged in conversation, challenging each others points in a polite and democractic fashion.

Tension is not at boiling point, people are all just on edge about the outcome – I have heard no abusive chants to date, from either side (apart from some orange march no campaigners but I’ll leave this out as several of my friends and peers who I respect are voting no and could not be boxed in with these nationalists).

Stop this shoddy fucking media coverage now.
(sorry for swearing Sheila Bradley)

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