Alloa Pride

We accidentally established a pride event

In 2016, my partner and I were victims of a homophobic attack on a train headed to Alloa


In response I wrote this blog suggesting out of bad could come good, that we host a pride march in Alloa

I've always shied away from LGBT activism, mostly because I lacked the confidence to stand up for mine and others rights for fear of being outed. 


In 2016, after being attacked on a train and reporting it to the police I felt incensed that this behaviour exists. 


I wrote a blog sharing our experience and suggested that we go to Alloa under the title of #alloapride.


Less than a week later, we were flooded with efforts of support.


A community effort

Lou and I took a lead on co-ordinating volunteers on the ground. We created a brand, poster set, filled in risk assessments and built up hype on Facebook.


We couldn't have pulled this off without the local volunteers, clubs, hairdressers, chocolatiers, charities, youth clubs and the people who bravely showed up.


On the 13th August, 2016, over 250 people showed up including MSPs and Police Scotland to march us from the train station to the youth centre to host a drag competition, music and cake. 


You can read more about the day from the Alloa Advertiser. We intend to run the event biennially.

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