I'm a co-founder

I co-founded CycleHack in 2014

We're on a mission to reduce barriers to cycling and make the world more sustainable

CycleHack is an event format that brings citizens, authorities, policy makers and planners together to design solutions to cycling barriers. From products to services, local plans to digital innovations, we bring people together in events to build these solutions into prototypes.

Building a global movement

From a humble idea based in Glasgow, started with Johanna Holtan and Mathew Lowell, it has scaled to over 30 cities around the globe. From Vancouver to Sydney, Tokyo to Paris, CycleHack has developed over 100 hacks, shared in our online catalogue. 

The concept for Amsterdam's first bicycle mayor was born out of our events and the global Penny in your pants hack reached over 3.2 million hits online, featuring on Cosmopolitan, the Guardian and the Telegraph. 


In 2015, we won the Core 77 Global Award for social impact.

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